Leverage your data for smarter business decisions with Property Tree Business Insights


Sharpen your competitive edge with an instant overview of your business performance. 

Learn how you can leverage the power of Property Tree Business Insights to sharpen your competitive edge, understand where to focus your resources for increased ROI, and better serve your clients by delivering expert advice. 

What you will learn: 

- Acquisition proficiency: The unparalleled acquisition tool with colourful maps of your in your geographic region can show investors and homeowners the prime investment areas. 

- Predictive analytics: The predictive power of Business Insights helps you forecast future trends in rental income and optimal investment opportunities, so your clients and prospects can make informed decisions. 

- Interactive dashboards: see how customisable dashboards provide real-time insights into your agency's historical data, current performance, and revenue, so you can identify your strengths and areas for growth. You will be able to pinpoint where to focus your efforts for increased ROI. 

- Instant reporting: Learn how customisable, interactive reports, can help you make strategic decisions with ease and share the live results with your stakeholders. Drill down into business, team, and portfolio performances. 

- Detailed insights: Dive deep into revenue generation, rental income, vacancy rates, and other crucial metrics for informed decision-making and business development. 

- Efficiency: Say goodbye to manual calculations and tedious report trawling. Get time back in your day so you can take care of your clients, team and business. 

Business Insights puts all the information you need at your fingertips to sharpen your competitive edge and make quicker and smarter business decisions. 

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