Maintenance Plus in Palace - Become a Property Maintenance Hero - Webinar, Thursday, Feb. 22nd, at 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM NZDT

Get Time Back in your Day with MRI Maintenance Plus 

Efficiency in communication & property maintenance management in one platform. Maintenance Plus is the most advanced solution for property maintenance, accessible from within MRI Palace. 

Learn about:

• Omni channel communication: Tenants and owners can use social media, QR codes, or emails, all equipped with built-in troubleshooting guides and multi-lingual capability to log and approve requests.

• Automated Invoice Processing: Invoices approved by the property managers are seamlessly and automatically synced into Palace, ready for prompt payment. 

• Rules & Automation: The most comprehensive and customisable rules and automation engine, robustly featuring automated reminders as well as proactive automated actions. 

• Seamless Palace Integration: Efficiently integrated in Palace, streamlining operations, and making daily tasks considerably more straightforward and efficient. 

• Business Intelligence: A complete, in-depth set of Business Intelligence and insights offered in the job posting process, enriching the organisation's understanding. 

• Automated Compliance and Updates (optional): Tradies have their license and insurance verified by our team. Reminders are sent to tradies before expiry, to update documents. 

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Presented by Erin Kielo, Senior Account Manager, MRI Palace and Tracey Worthington, Senior Business Development Manager, Proptech Labs.

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