Owners, Properties, Tenants & Suppliers – Tips n Tricks you probably don’t know! - Webinar, Wednesday, Oct. 18th, at 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM NZST

Want some tips and tricks to make your life easier? Come along and find out what you don’t already know about owner, property, tenant and supplier profiles.
What will we cover:
- Can I have multiple Palace’s open at once? How?
- What is the secondary email in an owner used for?
- How many bank accounts can one owner have?
- What if my owner wants to split their payments into different bank accounts?
- Management types and groups – what are they used for
- Understanding the property options tab
- Do I really have to run a report to find a tenants arrears information?
- Head vs Additional tenant
- Can I send a remittance advice to a different email address for a supplier?
- Setting the expense type for a supplier

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